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We’re proud to be a Pentanet Partner


We’re super proud to be working with Perth-based ISP Pentanet in their Partner Program!

Check out the video below to hear Steve & Matt B chat about our experience working with Pentanet and how they help us to provide the best possible service to our clients. You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at our office, and see our team in their natural habitat.



If your internet is giving you grief and slowing your team down, we can help.

activIT systems work with you to find the perfect connection solution for your business, increasing productivity, reliability, and security.

Learn more about our network, internet and WiFi solutions for business.


Video Transcript


Steve: I’m Steve from activIT, Managing Director. We’ve been in the game for about 15 years now and we take care of IT for small and medium businesses, pretty much nationwide.

Matt: When we were at the other end of Malaga, we were in the ‘good part’ of Malaga as far as internet connections go.

Steve: So when we moved into this premises we, where we are now, we’re almost in a dead zone for internet. So as we were preparing for the move, we spoke to a few different providers. Pentanet were the ones which came through with a nice plan for us, and that connection’s been up for about 12 months now, and it’s been rock solid yeah. 95% of what we do is online, so we’ve got a lot of cloud-based applications, which if we lose access to them, some of the team is dead in the water. We’ve got our quoting system that’s online, we’ve got job tracking systems and even our monitoring of what’s going on for client sites – it all relies on internet connections to come through. So we know from our first-hand experience, and that of our clients as well, that if we recommend Pentanet for one of our client locations, that that client is going to experience the same type of service and installation etc that we’ve got as well. So it’s very consistent across the board, obviously we’re in the place of being trusted advisors and consultants for our clients, we don’t want to send them on the wrong path so we have to have confidence in what we’re recommending is up to scratch.

Matt: So what Pentanet does for us is, it means that we can deliver to them what we promise. So if we say to someone that we can fix their internet problems because they’ve been let down over and over again by the big telcos, then we can actually come in and say ‘we can fix this for you,’ come back to Pentanet afterwards and say ‘hey can we see what connections are available here?’

They’ve always come through for us.



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