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Cloud Computing & Internet Solutions

As part of our comprehensive suite of Perth cloud computing solutions, we can provide:

  • Local expertise and flexible solutions with our activCloud platform, which is 100% Australian owned and operated
  • Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure consultation and implementation
  • Internet connections designed for reliability and speed
  • Limitless resources for tasks like in-house server backups with Veeam or ShadowProtect

How can we help?

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To cloud or not to cloud? At activIT systems, we offer a range of cloud computing services, products and enterprise grade Internet connections.

We know that cloud computing is great for some businesses, but a terrible idea for others. With the cloud services market evolving and reinventing itself at breakneck speed, it is a complex and confusing web of products and services. Luckily, we’re here to provide you with the cloud computing backup solutions your Perth business needs.

The bottom line is if the cloud is a good fit for a client, we’ll recommend it. Some consideration points for cloud services are:

  • Is it technically feasible to use the cloud in your business?
  • Is it economically feasible, or is in-house equipment more cost effective?
  • Are there substantial benefits to be realised?
  • Is the exposure to risk satisfactory?

For many clients, we blend traditional in-house IT solutions with cloud solutions to arrive at hybrid cloud infrastructure. By combining these, we give our clients a “best of both worlds” IT experience.

Break Free from In-House IT Solutions with the Cloud

activCloud – 100% Australian owned and operated private cloud platform

Our versatile activCloud platform provides businesses with almost all the IT resources you could need in your business. For a new server project, you could avoid the upfront capital expenses to get underway or use our cloud computing platform for ShadowProtect or Veeam backups, set up virtual desktops for your remote staff and nearly anything else you can think of!

Managed Internet Connections

Through our partnerships with Vocus, VMVault, and Summit Internet, we’re in a unique position to provide our clients with high-end internet connections. We’re able to provide these connections using technologies such as fibre-optic or fixed wireless, and also provide end-to-end management of the connection and vendors.

Microsoft Office 365 and Azure solutions

Microsoft’s Office 365 and Azure are very powerful platforms, capable of nearly anything. As Uncle Ben said, “with great power, comes great responsibility”, and Microsoft’s cloud platform needs to be treated with respect.

Whether you’re keen on exploring Office 365 for the first time, want to migrate your existing on-premise servers to Azure, or something more complex – we have the solutions that can help you!


activIT systems cloud services in Perth can bolster business efficiency and data storage capabilities. Interested in learning more about our cloud computing services and how we can provide efficient cloud backup solutions for your Perth business? Contact our activIT systems experts today on 1300 228 480.