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Cyber Security for SMBs

Every business is a target for hackers regardless of its size or revenue. With large business having dedicated cybersecurity budgets and teams, the smaller businesses have become easy pickings for the bad guys. Protecting your business from cyber crime is easier than you think.

Our cybersecurity solutions are affordable, easy to understand, fast to implement, and provide an immediate improvement to your corporate cyber security posture. We do the hard work so you can be better protected.

  • Network and IT lockdown and hardening
  • Cybersecurity maturity consultation, policy creation, and management plans
  • Cybersecurity incident response planning and management
  • Cybersecurity awareness education for your staff
  • Network security assessments and reporting
  • Two-factor and multi-factor authentication & single sign on implementation for services like Microsoft Azure, Office365, GSuite, Duo, and many more
  • Implementation of the Essential Eight from the Australian Signals Directorate

How can we help?

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Simple tips to improve your cybersecurity posture

Cybersecurity essentials

Don’t forget the basics of good IT security practice! They translate into a solid baseline for a good cybersecurity posture:

  • Use commercial antivirus, consistent across all devices
  • Have a backup strategy that is monitored and tested regularly
  • Enforce strong passwords and two-factor authentication systems
  • Perform regular system patching

These four very basic tasks go a long way to help protect the IT network as a whole, and are part of the Essential Eight from the Australian Signals Directorate.

Cybersecurity mindset

Adoption of good cybersecurity practices and behaviours MUST to come from the top down – it needs to be part of the company culture. If there’s a mentality that “the hackers won’t target us as we’re not big enough”, then that’s exactly what makes you more vulnerable and what the criminals are looking for – your business is an easy target for them.

A great starting point to encourage a strong cybersecurity mindset is a set of cybersecurity policy documents, including a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan, which all work together to describe what you and your IT service provider are undertaking to prevent cyber security incidents, and what to do when (not if) a cyber incident occurs. Share these with your team so they know that you’re serious about it, and they should be too.

Cybersecurity awareness

People are the weakest link in the chain for cybersecurity. People get busy, stressed, and short on time, and they mistakenly click on links in emails or enter logon credentials into fake websites. It’s called phishing, and is an extremely common method used to compromise a victims’ system. Usually it is how most breaches are initiated. Phishing is just the tip of the iceberg though – what about whaling, vishing, tailgating, or water holing? How are your staff going to be aware of methods like juice jacking?

Providing staff with cybersecurity awareness training and talking about it regularly within your team, helps to build a proactive cybersecurity consciousness and confidence that protects your business like no piece of technology possibly can.

Cybersecurity technology

Although the bad guys are pretty smart, the technology that the good guys have at their disposal is now powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, with devices across a network working together to form a web of synchronised security. The days of a simple antivirus are long over!

You need protection on your computers, servers, cloud services, and the type of smarts that products like Sophos XG routers, Sophos Intercept-X, and Sophos Managed Threat Response provide.

activIT systems is an accredited Sophos Synchronized Security partner; one of only two MSPs in both Perth and Tasmania to achieve this status.

We connect the pieces of the puzzle so that you’re safer, smarter, and can get on with business.

Doors left unlocked: why hackers target small business first

It’s easier to hack 10 small businesses than one large one.

activIT systems’ Managing Director, Steve Edwards, gives a great analogy on why cybersecurity needs to be a bigger priority for small and medium sized organisations.

SMBs are easy pickings for hackers because many believe they’re too small to be a target, and as a result don’t invest in cybersecurity or staff training. The cost of recovery can be astronomical – and that’s if you don’t go bust.

The first steps to improving your cybersecurity posture aren’t costly or lengthy, you just need the right mindset and some basic security improvements to help make your business harder to hack than your competitor.

Cyber news made easy

We’re very aware that there’s an overwhelming amount of information out there (and it can be tricky to know what’s legit and worth your time), so we’ve created a bite-sized cybersecurity wrap-up, delivered straight to your inbox every fortnight.

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For even more tips, updates and resources as you need them, check out our cybersecurity blog.

Want to your business’ digital doors as to be secure as your physical ones?

The threat of cybercrime is growing by the day, and no business is too small to be a target. On the plus side, protecting your business is easier than you may think. Contact our team today on 1300 228 480 to get started.