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Client Success Stories

No boring, drawn-out case studies here! We’re keeping it simple with sharp, punchy, and succinct stories about our clients, what we do for them, and the outcomes we’ve achieved for them.

Importantly – and at negative impact to our own marketing – we anonymise our clients’ information to protect their privacy. As an IT provider we’re a massive target for hackers (we hold the many keys to many castles), so to protect our clients as much as possible we have removed company names and other identifying information. We take cyber security for ourselves and our clients very seriously.

Live feedback from our clients

The feedback collected below is direct from our job tracking system and client interactions.

Supply and Logistics Provider

As the Managing Director of a supply and logistics provider, Paul was uncomfortable with how his previous managed IT provider was performing. There was very little communication and he had no idea what was going on behind the scenes. The assigned contact kept changing and Paul only found out about any issues when a problem arose. Essentially, he had no relationship with his IT support provider and that made him nervous.

After meeting Steve and Matt, Paul appointed activIT systems as his new IT provider.

“I really liked the reporting features activIT systems offered, and they made me feel like they were interested in my business and wanted the same things for my IT function as I do.”

We worked with Paul to review his IT function alongside the business objectives. As a result, a number of long-standing issues were resolved and processes were immediately improved. We took a strategic approach, developing a 12-month road map for future projects.

Paul now feels confident his IT function supports his operations. He understands what’s going on and has a dedicated local IT partner who really gets his business.

“I sleep better at night knowing our IT is being looked after by activIT systems. You won’t find a more reliable IT provider that cares about your business.” – Paul.

Perth Real Estate Agency

This particular real estate agency engaged us in mid-2017 when their IT provider at the time unexpectedly ceased trading, and needed someone to support the IT in their busy office. What started initially as a temporary stop-gap engagement until they could settle on a new IT service provider for the long term, they engaged us within a few months on our activCare plus service agreement, and haven’t looked back.

With a proactive approach to IT management and maintenance, the IT that powers the agency’s office is vastly more secure and reliable, and performance has increased across the network. The staff are reaping the benefits as well, with fewer interruptions, and fast support on the other end of the phone line when they need us.

The Director/Licensee of this agency adds:

“When we first engaged activIT systems we were caught between a rock and a hard place; our current IT provider had disappeared overnight, and we would have been really stuck if it wasn’t for the activIT team. One of the real eye-openers we had were some pretty big security issues that had been left unchecked by our former IT provider, and these were addressed promptly and efficiently. Now the whole office enjoys prompt support, the company loves the fixed price service, and we have great relationships with all of the team; none of which we had in the past!”

GPS Tracking Solution Provider

This business provides real-time GPS tracking for fleet vehicles, heavy machinery, mobile assets, and more. Their custom-built tracking system relies on technology working 100% of the time, as any server outage will mean that data is outdated, or that customers can’t access live fleet location details. Being a 24/7 operation there no room for IT-based interruption, and they had a growing customer base, more GPS units in the field, and ever-increasing website traffic.

After reviewing the existing environment, we recommended placing critical functions in our activCloud platform, with virtual servers to replace their ageing on-site equipment. This environment handles the website front end, database, and one part of a GPS data target load balancing system. We also set up regular data backups to several locations, and the whole project was planned to have a downtime window of under five hours. 

The major outcomes of this project for the client have been:

  • Plenty of room for growth, due to activCloud’s versatility and lack of hardware or resource limitations.
  • Less operational risk, due to the reliable nature of activCloud.
  • Faster responses for customers when they visit the website and log in to the tracking system.

Although the project is complete, activIT systems continue to provide ongoing services to this client. They rely on us to provide ongoing maintenance, management, and support services to their server infrastructure, and continued consultation to use the IT behind their unique GPS tracking systems as a competitive advantage.

“Since moving to the activCloud platform, we haven’t had to worry about servers crashing or our systems performing slowly for customers, Not only have we found activCloud to be fast to work with, but the team at activIT systems are always fast to respond to any queries we have and come up with great ideas on how to use technology better, to remain ahead of our competitors. We have no hesitation in referring anyone to activIT systems, for great IT advice, services, and support.” – Director, GPS tracking solution provider.

Blinds, Window and Floor Coverings Supplier

When we first met this business in mid-2014, their existing system had issues with MYOB performance, remote access, and overall poor reliability. The message from the owners to us was simple: replace our ageing computer systems, and put in something that we don’t need to worry about in the future. 

After reviewing the client’s existing IT environment, activIT systems put forward a custom solution to serve them well into the future which comprised of:

  • Moving their email system to the cloud
  • Installing reliable server hardware designed for their needs
  • Replacing existing computers throughout the office
  • Implementing tablet systems for warehouse staff for inventory management across the main factory and storage warehouses

Although the project is complete, activIT systems continue to provide ongoing services to this company. They recognise the importance of taking care of their investment into IT, and so rely on us to provide ongoing maintenance, management, and support services.

On completion of the project, we received this awesome feedback from the owners of the business:

“We would like sincerely compliment you on the exemplary service and advice we have received during our recent computer and email systems renewal and upgrade by activIT systems. We have received outstanding support all the way through the process, and the calm and professional manner in which all inquiries have been handled and resolved is impressive. We have no hesitation in recommending activIT systems to any business or individual requiring a reliable, knowledgeable and honest solution to their IT requirements. Thank you and we look forward with pleasure to our continued association in the future.”


This accountant provides top quality financial management and accounting services in Devonport, Tasmania. They got in contact with activIT systems as they were continually frustrated by their existing IT system – which was slow, unreliable and ineffective.

We were engaged to review the IT environment, recommend options to replace their IT infrastructure and implemented a cost-effective and reliable solution.

We provided an overhaul of their IT infrastructure by moving their systems to our activCloud platform, which allowed them to streamline their daily work and have greater flexibility to work from anywhere. The cloud also simplified their network’s accounts, printing and file storage, while increasing security. The majority of the setup was installed behind the scenes without any interruption to their staff, and we even updated their accounting and line of business software while we were at it.

We’ve been taking care of this client for nearly four years now, and their IT system is still as good as ever, with regular maintenance and review through our activCare Essentials plan. Most importantly, they don’t need to worry about their IT anymore – they can simply get on with business.

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