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Sick of computer troubles giving you grief? Spending too long on workarounds for something that should just work? Does your laptop run at snails’ pace and crash at the worst possible moments? Trust activIT systems with all your computer repair needs and reclaim your productivity in the workplace.

Our IT systems engineers in Devonport, Tasmania, can help your business with:

  • Repairing all makes and models of computers, including Windows and MacOS desktops and laptops
  • Hardware upgrades to get older systems back up to speed
  • Windows upgrades and patches to Windows 10
  • Supply and configuration of business-grade Dell, HP, and Toshiba computers and laptops
  • Consultation and honest advice on repair and replacement costs

How can we help?

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On average, office workers spend more time waiting for slow computers every year than they spend on holiday – nearly three and a half weeks! You can reclaim this time with a range of simple computer repairs, or by evaluating the productivity benefits of investing in a new business-grade machine.

Don’t put up with IT that doesn’t work properly, slows you down, or is past its use-by date. Our team are the business computer experts in Devonport and can assist with all your computer repair and replacement needs.

Our dedicated workbench in our Devonport office has everything we need to repair your computer. If we don’t have the parts you need in stock, we can order them from our supplier network at competitive prices, with speedy shipping from Melbourne and Sydney.

Our computer repair services in Devonport include:

  • Replacing failing and slow hard drives or internal components
  • Fixing Windows 10 update reboot loops and other issues
  • Repairing iMacs, MacBooks, and MacOS issues
  • Supply and configuration of new computers to replace older systems that aren’t feasible to repair
  • Virus and malware removal and installation of antivirus
  • Cryptolocker decryption (where possible) and consultation on mitigation strategies
  • Troubleshooting for Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft 365, and beyond
  • Support for MYOB and other mission-critical applications


If your computer needs repairs, our team are ready to help. GIVE US A CALL on 1300 228 480 today to get started.