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At activIT systems, we deliver straightforward, simple, and tested IT solutions tailored to the business problems you’re facing.

As a leading IT provider in Perth, we can provide IT solutions such as:

  • Managed IT Services to free you from DIY or in-house IT
  • Commercial grade computers, networks and server systems
  • Cloud and Microsoft Office 365 deployments
  • Cybersecurity audits and testing
  • Industry specific solutions and capabilities, such as mining, healthcare, legal, accounting and engineering
  • Office relocations and fit outs

How can we help?

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With over 500 IT projects successfully delivered, yours could be the next

At first glance from a prospective customer, your business may look a bit like your competitors’. But internally, the competitive advantage activIT systems can deliver means your business can be more productive, enjoy huge reliability, and empowers your team to get more done with less people and IT problems.

Suddenly, you’re delivering better value to your customers more consistently while making more profit, your reputation goes up a few notches and word spreads that your team never misses an email or a delivery, – business is busier than ever! Your competitor wonders what just happened to their market share.

Your hardest decision now is whether to order the Lamborghini, or the Aston Martin.

It doesn’t always happen exactly that way (some people opt for the Ferrari or just a holiday). However, the premise is the same whether you’re a big business or a small one. Our team at activIT systems are here to deliver secure and maintained IT environments to help make your business bigger, better and faster.

If you’re stuck with your current system (or maybe your IT support provider), and wondering if there’s a better and smarter way to achieve your goals, contact us for the solutions your Perth or WA business needs.

IT Solutions for All Businesses

Industry-Specific IT Solutions

Every industry is different, and so are their IT requirements. We offer solutions for all types of industries from construction, engineering, healthcare, resources, oil and gas, law and accounting firms, retail stores and everywhere in between.

Leverage our experience and learn more about our industry-specific IT solutions below:

Want to find out more about why we are the first choice provider for IT solutions in Perth? Contact us to see how we can provide your business with the IT services you need by calling 1300 228 480 today.

Office Relocations and Fit-outs

Relocating office is a stressful time for your team, so it pays to talk to the experts when planning the IT aspect of your relocation. As part of our IT outsourcing solutions in Perth, we’re able to fit out the IT infrastructure for your new premises, move your sensitive electronic equipment within tight deadlines and keep your phones and emails running throughout the process.

For videos and resources to help with your office relocation, check out our Office Relocation and IT Fit Out page.

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