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IT Support & Managed Services Perth

At activIT systems, we’re the outsourced managed IT services department your business needs, no matter the size. We have the skills and knowledge to deliver superior IT support and solutions in a timely manner, so that your business stays in top shape. We’re your very own IT department for the fraction of the price.

Some of the benefits of our managed IT services include:

  • Fixed price service packages available
  • Highly experienced team of IT professionals
  • Improved staff productivity because of more efficient IT systems
  • Reduced exposure to cyber and IT risks through proactive security approaches
  • Strategic planning and consultation to help make your business better

How can we help?

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As the leading IT support and solutions company in Perth, we take care of clients who operate in all industries and range in size from one-man bands through to teams of 300 staff. We understand that each business needs a different level of managed IT services compared to others, and no matter the budget, we stand fast by our objective to deliver world class outsourced managed IT support services to your business.

Our activCare service packages provide high levels of professional computer and remote managed IT support for businesses on any budget. These packages deliver Perth businesses with IT support services that are specific to their needs so that they can focus on what they do best. Big or small, we handle it all.

Our IT managed service packages start at only $22 per month per computer, and they help to get the IT within your business in a healthier, more reliable state.

activCare essentials Managed IT Services Package

  • Ideal for small businesses, usually up to half a dozen staff
  • Provides basic IT system monitoring, basic preventative maintenance, and antivirus software

activCare plus Managed IT Services Package

  • Great for businesses of 5 to 30+ staff looking for exceptional value
  • 24×7 system monitoring, structured IT maintenance programme, antivirus software
  • Includes a bank of time each month that you can utilize any way you like, and IT strategy consulting

activCare premium Managed IT Services Package

  • “All-you-can-eat” managed IT service for any business that demands performance and reliability
  • Includes everything above, with more structured maintenance, and greater monitoring
  • Guaranteed response time SLA, scheduled visits, and IT strategy consulting

To find out more about our managed IT business and security solutions, GET IN TOUCH WITH US for an obligation free consultation. If you’re unsure which managed IT service package suits you best, we’ll help you find the right answer! We have offices in Perth, WA and Devonport, Tasmania that provide services Australia wide.

DIY or in house IT?

Why DIY IT doesn’t compare with our Small Business IT Support

Doing-it-yourself may be a great idea for projects around the house, but when it comes to your business’ IT it’s best to get the professionals in from the get go.

To list just a few of the reasons to avoid a DIY approach to your IT:

  • You have better things to do – like growing your business and its success!
  • IT is complex, and it’s easy to make a mistake (but often much more difficult to fix it)
  • Keeping up with best practices can be challenging and time-consuming if it’s not your top priority
  • May seem cheaper initially, but in the long run can mean wasted resources that could have been used more efficiently by an external IT consultant

Looking for further info on our business managed IT support and security services? Check out this page for more – we’re experts in IT support services for Perth businesses, big and small.

Why in-house IT is expensive, complacent, and under exposed to the real world

So, you know that doing it yourself isn’t best for your IT – then how about in-house managed IT solutions?

There are a number of downsides associated with choosing in-house managed IT services, such as:

  • Costs – not only do they need wages but also a computer, desk, chair etc which adds up
  • Having to consider IT coverage over annual leave, sick leave and other times
  • Regular training needed to keep up to date
  • Can only respond to limited incidents at any time (compared to our larger team)
  • Limited exposure to other IT environments and relevant industry issues means less knowledge of what works and what doesn’t

Outsourcing your IT

Pressed for time? We know the feeling.

Outsourcing your IT can send productivity through the roof, make your office manager’s life WAY easier, and help you kick goals as a business, while saving you money and headaches.

We know you’re super busy, so here’s a 100 second overview on what you need to know.

For the full video, the top three things you need to know and more in our #ExplainIT series, head over to our blog.

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Our managed IT services and business support solutions will take the pressure off DIYing or investing in an expensive in-house team, saving you precious time and money. Save yourself the stress and choose activIT systems as your experienced, professional managed IT services provider.