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Empower your team with education

Cyber security can seem overwhelming, but with the right tools and education you can make huge strides towards protecting your business from online threats.

One of your most valuable resources in the fight against cybercrime, is your staff.

Our cyber security awareness training and education solutions for management and end users are easy to implement and accessible from sole traders to larger teams, and beyond. These education solutions include:

  • Cyber security training workshops
  • Resources and toolkits
  • Policy creation and management plans
  • Incident response plan development
  • Phish simulations and staff awareness testing


How can we help?

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Updated for 2022, our new workshops dissect the big ticket items in the long term COVID pandemic era, such as safely working from home, supply chain & third party compromise, and how you give away your personal information without you even knowing it.

Our training workshops are delivered in an engaging and fun discussion format with questions and answers throughout. Attendees jaws will drop and eyes remain wide open when they learn about the audacity the hackers have and realize they themselves have had a few too many close calls. We usually stick to script but will happily veer off into pertinent questions from attendees; it is pretty casual.

Attendees receive a certificate of completion following the workshop, cyber awareness collateral to print out and display at the office, and the loving admiration of their colleagues.

The workshops run for 75 to 90 minutes, and include:

  • Only six minutes of quick theory on WHY cyber crime is so rampant and the devastating effect it has. [relax, the boring part is now over..]
  • Two real world case studies in under 5 minutes
  • Top five cyber threats facing every person in the room – details, decisions, disaster!
  • Practical passwords, critical thinking, listening to your instinct, and many other tools
  • What to do if you feel something is not right
  • I just social engineered you and you didn’t realize.


The workshops are delivered by our Managing Director, Steve Edwards. Over the last three years he’s delivered over 50 workshops teaching people how to be more cyber aware, apply critical thinking to situations, and how to listen to your instinct. His delivery style is relaxed, humorous, and engaging; people often leave with a smile on their face but some mild paranoia as well. Mission accomplished.

Steve has just shy of 20 years experience providing IT consultation and service to small, medium, and ASX publicly listed companies around Australia. He has many stories to share about bad IT & cyber security along with why they happened – mostly because people have the best intentions but are are just unaware of what they’re doing. He’s on a mission to change that and increase the cyber security awareness of every day people working every day jobs.

TEAM TOO BUSY FOR WORKSHOPS? Need something easier?

When you’re flat out with work we know how hard it is to get people together in a room or a Zoom all at the same time. If you need a cyber training solution that is delivered directly to your team to pursue when best fits their calendars, our phishing simulator & online awareness training will tick that box.

We send harmless, legitimate-looking emails designed to trick your staff into clicking and entering credentials. You’ll receive reports on who is clicking what, how fast they fell for it, what actions they took, and they’re automatically enrolled them into short-form web based cyber awareness education (and, whether or not they’ve completed the training!).

There’s a couple hours of set up needed and a small monthly fee; and you need to stick with it for at least six months. If you have a Bob in Finance who always clicks on the links he shouldn’t, he’s a great candidate for our workshop based awareness education (we all have that Bob in Finance, right?)

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