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Empower your team with education

Cyber security can seem overwhelming, but with the right tools and education you can make huge strides towards protecting your business from online threats.

One of your most valuable resources in the fight against cybercrime, is your staff.

Our cyber security awareness training and education solutions for management and end users are easy to implement and accessible from sole traders to larger teams, and beyond. These education solutions include:

  • Cyber security training workshops
  • Resources and toolkits
  • Policy creation and management plans
  • Incident response plan development
  • Phish simulations and staff awareness testing


How can we help?

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People are the weakest link in the chain for cyber security. People get busy, stressed, and short on time, and they mistakenly click on links in emails or enter login credentials into fake websites. It’s called phishing and is an extremely common method used to compromise a victim’s system. Usually, it is how most breaches are initiated. Phishing is just the tip of the iceberg though – what about whaling, vishing, tailgating, or water holing? How are your staff going to be aware of methods like juice jacking?

By creating office cyber champions, you can help to shift your workplace cyber culture for the better.

Virtual, in-house and external cyber training solutions

Key targets for spear phishing attacks include office managers, administration and executive assistants and financial controllers as well as senior executives. Give your team the knowledge they need to make good digital decisions and protect your business from ransomware, phishing attacks, and the myriad of other cyber threats out there.

Our virtual cyber security awareness training workshops for employees and management help you assess your organisation’s cyber posture and mindset, identify key areas for improvement, and provide guidance on improving your cyber posture.

Keep reading for our current event schedule.

Test your team’s knowledge with our phishing simulator.

Our phishing simulator sends harmless, legitimate-looking emails designed to trick your staff into clicking and entering credentials. You’ll receive reports on who is clicking, how fast, what actions they took, and can enrol them into quick cyber awareness education.

The program is designed to increase staff awareness and understanding so that your team can make better decisions in conjunction with further education and resources.


We’re currently running the following cyber security workshops. View the current schedule and reserve your place using the buttons below, or by visiting our Eventbrite page.

Virtual workshops designed for busy managers and business owners, to increase your cyber security understanding.

The objective of these sessions is to:

  • Flatten your cyber security curve; it’s actually quite easy to improve your cyber security posture
  • Help you identify the valuable data within your IT systems, from the bad guys’ perspective
  • Work out your “attack vectors” – how many ways can the bad guys get in?
  • Discuss why addressing people and process gives you the biggest bang for your buck improvements
  • Answer the burning question of “how much do I need to spend to be safe?”

No high-level policy or process talk, we’re aiming for 60 minutes with a break halfway through, and you can ask as many questions as you like. After the session, we’ll send you a cyber security action plan and resources to help educate your team.

Instead of taking a registration fee, we will instead be donating the full proceeds from each ticket sale to Beyond Blue.

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Cyber security awareness training for employees and end users

activIT systems’ new end user cyber workshops will help facilitate everything we’ve mentioned above by educating your staff on what’s happening in the cyber world, what to look out for, and what to do if they do come across something dodgy.

With real examples to help your team make better decisions, targeted to the roles they’re in, there’s something for everyone in each session.

Don’t miss out – book your team in today.

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Can’t book the cyber security awareness training or workshop you want to attend on a suitable date, or simply want more information? Contact our team today on 1300 228 480, and we’ll notify you of any upcoming workshops or training events.