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Start improving your company’s cyber security posture within the next two weeks!

Our turnkey cyber security solutions are available as bolt-on services for existing clients, as well a standalone solutions for new clients who want to outsource their cyber security functions. We make it affordable, quick, and secure for organisations from five to 500 employees, all around Australia.

Our cyber solutions and services are ideal for:

  • Businesses needing immediate improvement to their cyber security posture
  • Small and medium businesses seeking who’ve been hacked and want to prevent it happening again
  • Co-managed IT and co-managed cyber security contracts
  • Internal IT teams and IT managers needing an outsourced cybersecurity provider
  • Organizations needing compliance with cyber security regulations within a specific industry
  • Healthcare, legal, accounting, manufacturing… actually, every type of industry, as everyone is a target for the hackers.

Our cyber security solutions are designed to achieve not only quick-wins but deliver long term cyber posture improvements. Just as the threats we face constantly evolve, our cyber-as-a-service solution is built to evolve over time to address new best practices and new attack methods, and is align with the Australian Signals Directorate’s Essential 8 recommendations. We’re 100% based in Australia, have police clearances, and we do all the hard work to get your business better protected, fast.

How can we help?

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Cyber Security Solutions As A Service

Good cyber security is built in layers, with multiple systems working together. We combine software, hardware, and people-based solutions that all work in tandem to form a multi layered shield throughout your IT, your networks, on your cloud systems, and for your team.

In addition to providing your business with protection from cybercrime, we also provide our clients with a cyber security incident response plan which can be used to mitigate the damage caused to your business in the unfortunate event of a cyber-attack.

A juicy target for hackers

Being an established IT company, we’re a super juicy target for the cyber criminals of the world as we hold a lot of keys to a lot of castles. We take our own cyber protection extremely seriously as the stakes are really high. All of the cyber security tools and measures we provide our clients, are the same cyber solutions that we use ourselves – they’re tried and tested in the field, work beautifully, and are rock solid.

We’re one of a handful of Sophos Synchronized Security partners across Australia, and hold certifications for all of their main product lines.

Cybersecurity Essentials

Cost effective cyber protection suitable for businesses with five to around 20 staff. These are the must-have, non-negotiable, and bare minimum features that any organization who is conscious about their cyber security protection.

  • 24/7 security operations centre
    24/7 manned security operations centre (“SOC”) monitoring your system and threat telemetry in real time, collaborating with ourselves to respond to threats and adversaries on your systems.
  • Essential 8 cyber security uplifts
    Services to improve your IT systems aligned with the ASD Essential 8, delivered over time, starting with the quick-wins & low hanging fruit before moving on to strategic improvements identified in the risk report.
  • Cyber awareness education and training for your team
    Instructor led awareness training for all your team to build good cyber security habits, apply critical thinking, and become “Human Firewalls”.
  • Annual cybersecurity assessment and report
    Risk and vulnerability assessments on your IT environment, and advice on the risks identified.
  • Synchronized Security platform built by Sophos
    An industry leading cyber protection ecosystem as recognized by Gartner, Synchronized Security shares threat telemetry within a suite of products and is the basis for a multi-layered defense.
  • Sophos Central Intercept-X Advanced with XDR
    Best of breed antivirus & threat protection on workstations and servers.
  • Advanced Email Security
    Filters out dodgy emails, blocks spam, detects phishing attempts & VIP impersonation, and allows you to send encrypted email at the click of a button.
  • Phishing simulator attacks
    Phishing simulators that try to trick your team into clicking fake links and opening fake dodgy attachments. Complete with bite-size cyber education & awareness training for your team.
  • Bitwarden password management vault
    Safe password storage and access, managed by us, to keep your company passwords safe (no more Post-It’s, Excel or Word docs!).
  • Domain name & DNS hardening
    Protects your internet domain and online presence from scammers masquerading as your company – helping to protect your customers, suppliers, and your reputation!



Learn more about our cyber security incident response plan

Want to be prepared for a cyber-attack? Get in touch with one of our cyber consultants for an obligation free chat about your cyber security incident response plan.

Cybersecurity Max

This cyber security solution is suitable for businesses of 20 staff and above, our Max cyber solution builds a constantly evolving defensive shield for your business. It is comprehensive and as close to an 100% outsourced cyber security department that you can get for small and medium enterprises.

You get everything in the Cybersecurity Essentials package, plus..

  • Continual cyber maturity uplift service
    Services to continually improve your cyber posture beyond the Essential 8, progressively increasing the security posture over time with strategic improvements and hardening.
  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer function
    Have a vCISO serve your company for a fraction of the cost, focusing on industry compliance, long term ICT & OT cyber security roadmaps, and incorporating cybersecurity-by-design within your ICT environment. Perfect for directors and boards to understand the cyber posture and make informed decisions.
  • Quarterly vulnerability assessments
    We assess your network and systems every month looking for vulnerabilities within software and configurations; acting on high priority issues straight away, with a quarterly reporting cadence.
  • Cyber Incident Response planning, testing, and execution
    We map out the cyber incident response for your organisation with you, run tabletop response exercises with management teams, and remain on standby to respond to incidents.
  • YubiKey / passwordless authentication / FIDO2 integrations
    We’ll rollout YubiKey’s and help integrate your compatible systems for passwordless, 2FA, and MFA authentication logon.
  • Sophos Mobile Device Security
    Introduces tight security on BYOD and company-owned smartphones, which often hold a lot of company data and unlock many corporate doors.
  • Device Encryption for laptops and desktops
    Centrally managed & enforced drive encryption for Windows workstations, keeping your data safe in the event a device is stolen or lost.
  • And much more, such as <REDACTED> and <REDACTED>!
    We’re not going to divulge everything; you never know who is reading!