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Six Signs That It’s Time To Upgrade Your Business’ IT


Computer Frustration

1. Your staff spend more time fixing their computers (or calling IT support) than doing work

  • You need to know your staff can get their job done, and if they’re constantly being interrupted by computer trouble their productivity levels are going to suffer, meaning wasted time and money.

2. It’s way slower than it used to be

  • Turning on your computer and going to make yourself a coffee may be part of your morning ritual, but if you’re waiting even longer than that there may be a problem.
  • The longer wait times get, the less time spent working – if you spend half an hour every day waiting for your computer to load, it adds up to almost 17 days per year wasted! Now multiply that by how many staff members you have and you are potentially losing months of work hours– with ten employees that could be around five months every year of lost productivity.

3. Your data isn’t safe

  • Most of a business’ important information is all stored digitally these days, so you need adequate security to protect this. A new system in conjunction with regular backups and off-site storage can help you know that your data is protected, no matter what happens.
  • We can monitor your systems to address any issues before you and your team notice them, meaning little to no downtime for your business. If there is downtime, you have peace of mind knowing we are doing everything we can to get your systems back online so you can get straight back to business.

4. Your business is growing

  • What worked for one or two people may not work too well for say five or more users, unless you have a scalable system in place that allows for easy addition of new PC’s with access to shared files and backup.

5. Saving the environment is important to you

  • Unfortunately, a lot of older IT gear is not the best for the environment, with high power consumption and declining battery life. New, energy-efficient equipment can reduce the impacts on the environment, while also decreasing your power bills.

6. Your computer looks like it’s from last decade… or century

  • If you’re still running Windows 7, XP or even older, it’s probably time to move into 2018 and make the most of what PC’s are capable of these days. Similarly, if you want to update your software but your computer’s OS isn’t meeting requirements you may be left stuck without essential software, which isn’t ideal.
  • An old computer prone to failure will always die at the worst possible time – and will then need replacing. Better to get ahead with a seamless upgrade to a new system with minimal downtime, when it’s not critical, and a new system with a warranty means that in the unlikely event of an issue, you can get parts replaced, instead of searching for parts from 10 years ago.
  • Plus, if an upgrade will fix issues with productivity and privacy, then the opportunity for a shiny, sleek computer is just a bonus!

If you can relate to any of these points, you may be thinking about whether it’s time for new computers for your company (and potential dollar signs) – but fear not! Where possible, upgrades can be used to stretch out a system before a full replacement, or existing systems can be reconfigured to better meet your business’ needs. If you’re looking for a fresh start, a brand new, commercial-grade desktop PC suitable for general admin use typically comes in at under $1500 (ex GST).

Even better, the government’s $20k instant asset write-off can be used for items such as new computer hardware and is accessible for purchases installed before June 30th – so if you qualify,  it’s a great time to get organised with a system that will last you many years to the future, and meet the growing needs of your business.

Get in touch with us to discuss your IT needs and find the best solution for you and your business by calling us on 1300 228 480, or send us an email at info@aitsys.com.au.


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