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Say goodbye to hefty phone bills. Say hello to VOIP


Let’s face it; communication is an essential part of every business. Whether you rely on email, phone calls or messaging services such as Skype, they are all integral to the success of your business. Sometimes emails just don’t cut it and that’s when telephones become a necessity to any business. Traditional landline calls can become expensive and quite limited in what they can offer. Of course, mobile phones, while they are convenient, are still expensive and the network can be a bit dodgy.

Enter VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is basically a phone device that uses the Internet to make calls. You can usually use your computer, a regular phone that’s connected to a VoIP adapter, or a VoIP phone to make a phone call. While this may not sound much on paper, it can have tremendous benefits if you still rely on making frequent phone calls for your business.

The Benefits of VoIP

Why should you consider using VoIP for your business? There are a number of benefits of switching your business’ telecommunications to VoIP such as:

1. Phone calls can be practically free.

Let’s say that you want to call your colleague who’s at your office while you’re on a business trip. Calling them will usually be considered a long distance call and may incur hefty charges, but not if you’re calling using VoIP. Since the call is routed through the Internet, it can be treated as a local call, making it practically free wherever you are in the world. Keep in mind though that this may largely depend on the service that you’re using as others might only limit your calls to a certain network (e.g. your office network) or a certain location or country.

2. VoIP is convenient.

Our example above also highlights another benefit of VoIP: convenience. The reason is that since you can make calls anytime and anywhere, it can be a huge plus if you’re always on the go. You can get in touch with your clients and your team even when you’re out of the country, at the airport, or in the cab while on your way to a meeting.

3. It can provide features not available with traditional calls.

Need to make a conference call? Good luck doing that on your regular phone. Well, you could technically do that, but you’ll likely have to pay extra for that feature. However, VoIP may come with additional features such as conference calls depending on your provider, which may also be provided for free.

4. Convenience of one bill.

Now that your calls are running through the Internet, there is no need to be paying an expensive landline bill and dealing with dodgy communication companies that keep you on hold for hours. Enjoy the peace of mind of combining the two most important communication methods into one convenient bill each month without the worry of extra overseas charges.

So, the next time you need to make a call, whether it is to report back to head office, book a meeting with a client or maybe a conference call, say hello to them with VoIP. If you would like to know more about how you can make the most of this service for your business, or to find out more about how you’ll benefit from it, please send us an enquiry today.


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