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Our top 3 tips for cloud computing in a small business


How can you tell if the Cloud is right for your business? With so many options, risks, benefits, compatibility issues, and integration possibilities, it is likely that you – as a business owner or manager – simply don’t have the time to review all of possible options and make an informed decision.

Good thing is – you don’t need to, because we’re here to help you. 🙂

Here are our top three tips for using cloud computing successfully in your business:

#1 – use the Cloud wisely

Use Cloud computing to fix your business platform, rather than add functionality you probably don’t need. Do this by identifying areas within your business that you feel are not working as well as they should be, or under-served by technology.

We see many clients who want to implement something in the Cloud that’ll add amazing functionality, in an effort to improve productivity or a business process. They see it as the magic bullet that will make their business better, but they’re ignoring the IT problems that are causing their business to suffer every single day. If your existing IT platform is really not up to scratch, the benefits you’ll get from the cloud are few and far between.

#2 – does it suit your business model?

Cloud computing is very cashflow centric. As you’re paying for each month, is it the best financial solution for your business, or is a capital cost which you then own more cost effective in the long term? Discuss that question with your accountant, and then talk to your friendly IT team.

One of the most highly touted benefits of the Cloud is that it is scalable – you can easily add more resources or user accounts as you grow, but those extra resources and users don’t come free.

#3 – don’t do it yourself

The Cloud can have as many rainy days as sunny, and when it rains, it hails. It pays dividends to consult with the experts on the type of cloud computing that is going to work best for your business.

What happens if your internet connection drops off, or someone needs to download a whole bunch of files for that large project? Your connection to the cloud service will suffer. There are ways to get around this, but, engage your IT service provider to leverage their expertise on the subject and you can’t go wrong!


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