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Our new products and services launching in 2015!


This year we will be launching a website design & development service, cloud VOIP telephony system, revamped website & domain hosting services, and an unbelievably powerful, and game-changing internal documentation and knowledge sharing system that will not only make your business more productive, but add significant value to it as well!

The 2015 calendar year will be full of change for activIT systems, with new products and services being launched throughout the year. Our offerings will compliment our existing products and services, so that our clients will be able to consolidate more of their technology requirements to a single point of call, and rely on the same people. In an increasingly complex IT world, anything that can make it simpler is a winner in our book!

Website design & development

If you’re looking to build a new website this year – please let us know straight away!

Although we initially started offering website design and development in 2004, we quickly realized that we couldn’t compete with the big players at the time. In 2015, the web industry has changed significantly, and we will be introducing a website design and development service in conjunction with one of our business partners in the coming months. Our clients will receive not only amazing visual website design from our business partner, but also highly cost effective and web-standards compliant site development.  On going management and support from our internal team is going to be included as well, so any changes like new content, blog posts, or news articles, we will handle for you.

As an added bonus, we’ll be bundling in web hosting and domain registration / renewals for no extra cost.

activPBX – cloud based VOIP systems for small business

If you’re still paying a fortune for Telstra ISDN services, along with huge phone bills and still running a crummy old phone system, we will be launching our activPBX cloud VOIP solution in the coming months. With amazingly cheap call rates, cutting edge VOIP handsets, a gazillion features, you’ll love our VOIP solution. Even better – it is fully managed by us, so any changes you want made, we’ll handle for you at no extra cost.

Website hosting & domain hosting

For many years we’ve provided website and domain hosting services, and this year we’ll be ramping up the service to make it easier and more cost effective for clients.

We have many clients who have domains at one provider, hosting at another provider, DNS handled at another provider, which makes for a very messy arrangement. We’re looking to make it dead set simple for our clients and consolidate all of these with us, so that a single company is responsible for these services which are so important for an online presence.



Offering a wide range of IT solutions, and located in Perth, WA, and Devonport, Tasmania we service all of Australia and we'd love to hear from you!

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