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If you’ve ever experienced a server crash, you will know how quickly the downtime interrupts your staff and their productivity. The costs of wages, catching up on overdue work, and repairing the server, all add up to unnecessary cost and stress for you and your staff.

fix-small-business-serverWe’ll turn your servers from liabilities to assets for your business, ensuring they work for you when you need them most. You’ll receive a written report each month identifying any areas of concern with your servers, and behind the scenes we take care of the maintenance, updates and virus protection.

Benefits to your business

  • Your business will save money and enjoy greater productivity, with a reliable server.
  • You’ll have peace of mind that your servers are functioning properly and are secure, with easy to read written reports delivered each month to your inbox.
  • We take care of the preventative maintenance, for things like Windows Update, firmware and driver updates, so that you can focus on better things.
  • Keep your servers in action for longer before replacing them, as they will be useful to your business for longer.
  • 24/7 remote monitoring on your servers means we’ll know about most problems before you do, preventing interruptions to your productivity and saving you thousands on repair bills.
  • Server reboots are carried out after business hours, so there is even less interruption to your business operations.

What our clients say

As a consultancy with employees accessing project data on our servers downtime has a significant impact on our business. Before implementing serverCare we had frequent interruptions but now our system is very reliable. The reports activIT send us each month make it easy to identify any areas of concern that need looking into.
Kayti May, add energy group

Easy to read executive reports

servercareOur one page executive serverCare report saves you time by clearly highlighting any areas we are concerned with. If we’re happy with your servers health, you’ll see five stars.

For a business owner or manager, it’s never been easier to quickly see if you have any potential server problems, and how your IT team plans to mitigate them.

You’ll instantly know if there are any problems, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly after sending you the report to discuss any areas of concern.

Repair allowance included for each server

We know that all the preventative maintenance in the world cannot prevent the unforeseen and unexpected. Problems do occur from time to time. In addition to the preventative maintenance services, serverCare includes a troubleshooting and repair allowance for each server, which lets us fix most issues without you incurring any additional charges.

Examples of repair work included in the allowance
  • If your backup fails, we’ll fix it and restart it.
  • If your server reports a strange error, we’ll investigate.
  • If your server experiences performance issues, we’ll monitor the performance and find out what is causing it.
  • If your server has hardware issues which require replacement or a technical support call to the manufacturer, we’ll do this for you.
  • … plus much more …

Would your business benefit from reliable servers?

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