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Is Cloud Computing right for my business?


Cloud Computing is a hot topic at the moment, whether you’ve heard of it, swear by it or are scared the cloud will transmit a secret video to everyone that you don’t want your friends and family to see. The cloud is a magical technological advancement and if used correctly, can be extremely beneficial for your business. Have you been considering moving your business to the cloud? How do you know if Cloud Computing is right for your business? We’ve got a few answers for you…

  1. Do you want peace of mind knowing your business’ system is taken care of?

No longer will you need to worry about multiple systems connecting with hundreds, sometimes thousands of cables causing a giant mess (health & safety hazard), maintenance fees and a room to store all the equipment in. With the cloud, you will gain huge peace of mind knowing that you only have one system to worry about for your entire business, and really you won’t need to worry about that much at all with regular automatic updates and no need for replacing server hardware.

  1. Do you only want to pay for what you use?

Another beauty of cloud computing is what’s called the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This can also help you manage your costs because it will be adjusted depending on how you use the services available. For example, if you have staff that come on board short term to work on projects or large contracts, you can scale your software and Cloud resources to meet the demand of more people. When they’re finishing up, you can scale back down, giving you more control over the overall cost and budget.

In addition, cloud computing gives you peace of mind that you can scale your operations up or down on the fly with no effort on your part. Just let our friendly team know that you want to increase your storage and done, no effort from yourself required.

  1. Do you want to improve collaboration and productivity?

Most business owners and executives today are often not based in one location, whether you are on the road constantly, working from home or on site. Like most businesses, you probably want the flexibility of allowing your employees access to important databases and networks no matter their location.

This is where the cloud comes in, by putting your data and apps in the cloud, you and your employees will be able to access these anytime and anywhere. This increases productivity as employees can work while on the go, from home, on site and during business trips without the hassle of ensuring they have the latest version of the document.

  1. Do you want to minimise your maintenance work?

It can be a pain to maintain your servers and your data since you have to regularly back them up and upgrade them. When you move these to the cloud, it will be our job to do all these tasks in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly and securely. Our activCare and serverCare are the ideal companions to ensure your computers are all up to date and free from nasty virus’ trying to break through your business’ network.

If you would like more assistance in deciding whether or not to move your business to the cloud, please send us an enquiry today, and we’d be more than happy to help.


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