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6 proactive steps to make your IT better for next financial year


30th June fast approaching!This quarter is the perfect time to start planning improvements and upgrades to your IT environment, as all the major vendors are starting their end of financial year sales soon.

Read on for some simple ideas that you can take now, to make sure you’re maximizing your IT investment before the start of the new financial year.

1. Get rid of your Windows XP computers!

If you still have any of these in use, it is well and truly time to ditch them. Not only are they a huge security risk to your business as Microsoft will no longer support them, they’re undoubtedly hanging on by a thread anyway.

2. Still sharing business data on Dropbox?

You’re practically begging for your data to be hacked. Given the service is such a target for hackers, why would you entrust your important and confidential information there? There are far better solutions out there – and we have one about to hit the market this week. S

3. Put emphasis on staff productivity

Did you know that something as simple as using two monitors can improve an employees productivity by around 32 days per year? Great quality monitors are dirt cheap, and the return on investment is realized within weeks.

4. Get smart on what data you’re backing up

If you’re only backing up a small portion of your data, like a MYOB database or your “My Documents” folder, you’re really missing out on what backup is all about – recovering your computer to operational status. Switch to a full computer backup solution and your business will be far better for it.

5. Look to the Cloud to free you from in-house servers

If your in-house server is getting on a bit and has been fully depreciated on the asset register, the time is right to look at Cloud options. Getting set up before EOFY lets you hit the ground running come 1st July 2015! Start planning now.

6. Upgrade your internet connection!

Perhaps your area is now NBN ready.. or it isn’t, and you want better internet options anyway. If internet drop outs are a hurting your business, consider a fail-over connection that’ll keep you online if your main connection stops working. They’re easy to implement and set-and-forget. We can help!


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