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It’s been 10 long years since the NBN Co was first brought to the table, and with the national roll-out nearly complete, related scams are coming in thick and fast – and it seems that 2019 may be the worst year yet for dodgy dealings.

There has been a range of scams claiming to be associated with NBN Co reported to the ACCC, with the latest figures showing losses of a massive $110,000+ per month on average. That’s an incredibly scary figure for something very preventable!

Some of the most common NBN scams reported to the ACCC include:
  • A scammer pretending they’re from NBN or an internet provider calling a victim, claiming that there are issues with their phone or internet connection and that they need remote access to their computer to fix this
  • Scammers attempting to sell NBN services or equipment over the phone, often at a discounted price
  • Someone calling during an outage and offering you the ability to stay connected during blackouts for an additional fee
  • Scammers phoning or visiting people at home to sell NBN services, offer a better deal, or test their internet speeds. They may request personal information such as name, address, date of birth or Medicare numbers.

NBN Co will never make phone calls or door knock to sell internet services to the public, nor will they request remote access to a computer or make unsolicited requests for payment or financial information. If in doubt, hang up the phone or delete the email and contact your internet provider (or activIT systems) directly to clarify.

Please share this information with older relatives and friends as well – people aged over 65 are especially vulnerable to these types of scams, and account for more than 60% of losses related to NBN scams so far this year.

Further details about currently circulating NBN scams are available online at nbnco.com.au/scamadvice or via the ACCC. Alternatively, please contact activIT systems on 1300 228 480 if you are concerned about whether your business may have been affected.

Stay safe out there!


(Photo Credit – NBN Co)


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