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Lacking workplace productivity? 3 ways improved IT can help!


No business owner wants to hear that productivity levels are low, this can mean big costs of time and money. Did you know that improved IT can really help improve workplace productivity? While you are likely to already have IT infrastructure in place, improving this can have a big impact in the smooth running of your business. Improved IT is proven to offer the following benefits:

1. Work faster

Technology was created to help humans work faster and more efficiently; think instant messaging, emailing and uploading documents to the cloud. All of this is great if you know how to use it and if it’s running correctly. We see so many businesses whose staff waste hours each day with slow Internet, intermittent emails, constantly receiving junk mail and spam.

With the help of an IT team, you will be able to get even more work done faster. Some of the solutions may include improving your current infrastructure, which can range from upgrading your networks and servers to a faster Internet connection. It may also involve changing the tools that you use, such as switching to web applications like Google Docs, which helps you collaborate with others on your work without having to be in the same office or time zone. Plus, you can access all your files wherever you are and whichever device you’re using.

The benefit of getting work done faster? You’ll of course have more billable hours, which definitely helps your business and your employees’ morale.

2. Focus on your actual work

If your employees are spending most of their time troubleshooting your network than doing their actual work then you know you have a problem. By improving your infrastructure and the tools that you use, your employees will be able to perform the jobs for which you hired them. This also translates to more billable hours for your business, which only goes to show how essential improved IT is to your company, and how it can help you recoup the investments you made to gain that improvement.

3. Avoid costly downtimes

Businesses today rely heavily on IT to complete day-to-day tasks, without the Internet or technology; many organisations are at a standstill. This means no billable hours, irate staff and one stressed out business owner watching the money go down the drain. Avoid costly downtimes by outsourcing your IT.

Our team will monitor your systems to address any issues before you and your team notice them, meaning little to no downtime for your business. If there is downtime, you have peace of mind knowing we are doing everything we can to get your systems back online, saving you hours in a phone queue with an IT company only to ask if you’ve tried turning your computer on and off?

These are just some of the few benefits you can enjoy by improving your IT infrastructure. To enjoy the benefits of an IT team without the huge overheads, ask us about our managed IT services. We can worry about your IT systems, so you don’t have to.

If you would like to know more about about how managed IT services can improve your company’s productivity, please send us an enquiry today.


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