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How We Set Up Our Clients for Success for 2021


During the festive period, while most businesses were closed for the year, we kept our doors open in the best interest of our clients. The festive period is when businesses are most vulnerable to hardware failures, data theft, and cyber-attacks since everyone is out of the office. To help ensure our clients could return to the office & hit the ground running in 2021, we monitored their IT systems while they were away.

We conducted our weekly general maintenance to ensure all software and systems are up to date, reducing the risk of a cyber-attack or unplanned interruption. When you fail to keep devices and software updated, you leave doors open for hackers to access your data. If hackers manage to gain access to your systems, it could result in identity theft, ransomware threats, and a lot of interrupted business. This is why, especially throughout the break, we made it our priority to keep our clients safe from cyber-attacks. To find out more about the importance of keeping your devices up to date, listen to our Explain IT episode here.

For our clients wanting to undertake hardware upgrades or infrastructure changes early in the new year, we were able to use the opportunity of their downtime to make these changes without impacting their business. Our Tasmania Branch Manager Glen was able to finalise an email server migration while our IT Technicians performed server maintenance for all our clients. “We scheduled our clients’ IT maintenance throughout the holiday break to minimise staff interruption for our clients, and were able to get it done with minimal fuss,” said Steven Patterson, our Service Manager. By staying open, we were able to provide a quick turnaround on client requests, allowing them to break ground on their plans for 2021 without delay.

Additionally, we assisted our clients With some much needed Spring cleaning. We successfully recycled 700 kgs worth of old computer hardware on our clients’ behalf. “By disposing of your old hardware through us, you are preventing your company data on old hard drives from being compromised while lowering your carbon footprint,” said Jon, our Assistant Service Manager. At activIT systems, we strive to operate in a way that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. We are happy to assist our clients in doing the same. Don’t waste your time coordinating e-waste disposal, leave it us to securely dispose of your old hardware.

Over the Christmas break, we were able to accomplish a lot not just for our clients, but for ourselves as well. If your IT provider didn’t give you enough Christmas Cheer over the break as they were unavailable, give us a call – we’d love to meet you in 2021!


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