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Happy International SysAdmin Day!


The last Friday in July marks one of our favourite days of the year: International SysAdmin Day!

This day is dedicated to all the awesome gurus out there who work at all hours of the day to keep your IT up and running.

Without system administrators, you wouldn’t be able to check your emails, scroll through Facebook, or view this blog post.

What is a system administrator?
  • A SysAdmin unpacked the servers that your business runs on (whether they’re in-house or cloud based), installed an operating system, patched it for security, made sure the power and AC were working in the server room, monitored it for stability, set up the software, and kept backups in case anything went wrong.
  • Another SysAdmin installed the routers, laid the cables, configured the networks, set up the firewalls, and watched and guided the traffic for each hop of the network that runs over copper, fiber optic glass, and even the air itself to bring the Internet to your computer.
  • When your network connection is safe, secure, open, and working, you can thank your SysAdmin. They make sure your computer is functioning in a healthy way on a healthy network. They take backups to guard against disaster (both human and otherwise), hold the gates against security threats and crackers (not the salty, crumbly kind), and they keep the printers going no matter how many copies of the tax code someone from accounting prints out.
  • A SysAdmin worries about spam, viruses, spyware, as well as power outages, fires and floods.
  • When something goes BANG at 2 a.m. on a Sunday, your SysAdmin is notified, wakes up, and goes to work.
  • A SysAdmin is a pro who plans, worries, hacks, fixes, pushes, advocates, protects and creates good computer networks. Why? To get you your data, help you do your work, and bring the potential of computing ever closer to reality.

Check out this video to hear a few things that our team gets up to in the course of a week…

Of course, there’s so much more that we do too. All part of keeping your IT in tip-top shape, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Some suggested gift ideas for your awesome SysAdmins

(From sysadminday.com, plus a few of our own ideas too)

  • A surprise party
  • Cake and ice cream
  • Donuts
  • Energy drinks to keep them going as they work on your problems
  • Coffee… all the coffee
  • Beer
  • Lamborghinis

The opportunities are endless!

All jokes aside, we love what we do, and we love helping our clients to smash their goals on a daily basis 😊


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