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Ergonomics in the Office & Stretching to Feel Great


Do you ever experience neck or back pain, muscle tension or headaches whilst at work?

If you do, you’re not alone – with office workers often sitting at a desk and using their computer for hours at a time, the continued effects of prolonged sitting, typing, clicking, and viewing a monitor can lead to problems with the neck, back, eyes, and arms. More often than not, you can feel completely unproductive as well!

Here are some simple ways to minimise the stress and strain of being a slave to the office furniture!

Important note: The information we give here is general in nature; if you have any health concerns you should seek the professional advice of a qualified medical practitioner – of which we aren’t.

How can an IT company help with ergonomics?

The way you interact with your computer, and your health in doing so, plays a huge role in your productivity. We help our clients by assessing their desk environment and providing recommendations and products to make life easier and boost productivity.

  • If your eyes are sore, a better quality monitor with higher brightness and crisper images may assist. It may also be too far or too close to you.
  • We can supply and install monitor mounting arms that assist greatly with adjusting the height and positioning of displays, getting it just right for you.
  • Huge computer towers that take up room and cramp you on the desk can easily be replaced with slimline systems, giving you much more desk space to work with. A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind!
How to sit at your desk properly

The height of your desk, chair, and monitor play an important part in keeping your body in a sustainable sitting position when working on a computer.

However, no matter how great your posture, or how ergonomic your chair, keyboard, mouse, or desk are, you can’t do any better than standing up regularly and moving your body around! It does wonders for your eyes (because you’re changing your depth of vision away from monitors), body (because you’re on the move), and mind (because no-one likes sitting at a desk all day!).

Some simple stretches you can do at work to keep your body feeling great!

Nothing is worse than feeling achy, sore, tired, and uncomfortable at work. Give your body a chance to stretch and flex on a regular basis. In our offices, we aim to complete a couple of different stretches every coffee and lunch break.

You should always consult a physician before undertaking any new exercise, or if you have had recent joint or muscle problems or surgery.

See more stretching information at Barbre Ergonomics; where this image was sourced from.

Workplace Ergonomic & Posture Assessments

Too many times we have seen the effects of workplace injuries that can decrease team productivity, innovation, and growth. We have teamed up with top quality health professionals to provide you with unique health services that we think will assist with the health of your business – by taking care of the health of your staff.


Get an on-site ergonomic assessment and spinal checks for your staff


For our clients and colleagues in WA, our friends from LifeReady Physio Scarborough and Young Chiropractic in Wembley are offering complimentary* spinal checks and assessments, in order to get the wow back into your team (*some conditions apply!).

Jarrad and Rachel can provide:

  • Team spinal checks
  • Individual spinal checks and assessments
  • Workplace posture, health and ergonomic presentations
  • Mobile massage

Contact either Jarrad at LifeReady, or Rachel at Young Chiropractic, to book a session or discuss your requirements in greater detail. Tell them we sent you!


 If you’re looking for a new ergonomic computer set up, contact us on 1300 228 480 – we’re here to help!


Offering a wide range of IT solutions, and located in Perth, WA, and Devonport, Tasmania we service all of Australia and we'd love to hear from you!

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