Office relocations and fit out

relocation-300x300Moving office is a daunting task. With sensitive electronic equipment on the move, phones and emails that need to keep running, and the need to minimize disruption to your overall business operations, moving premises can be very stressful and definitely time consuming.

Since IT and communications play such an important role in the operations of a business, early consultation with your IT team is essential to forming a relocation plan which is cost effective, trouble free, and has minimal impact to your business. Please read our free guide on how to plan for a smooth office relocation for some tips and tricks, based on our experience with over 30 office relocations in recent years.

Safeguarding your biggest investment – your data – is paramount during any relocation. activIT systems have risk management policies in place to ensure that your data is exposed to the least risk possible.

Our new premises is already cabled for data – it should be fine … right?

Not necessarily! Stress levels will rise and money quickly lost when you plug your equipment in and wierd things start happening on the network, such as connection issues or no connection at all!. We can’t stress enough the importance of getting professionals in as soon as you get access to the premises, to test the cabling and physical network infrastructure in the new premises.

We need fit out before we can move!

If you’re moving into a premises which needs fit out, it will pay dividends to get your IT provider involved at an early stage. Where you place your communications, network, and IT infrastructure is very important, and needs to be decided early in the fit out planning stage.

We can handle your data cabling and network infrastructure requirements, to ensure that your new premises is connected up properly and ready for the arrival of its new tenant.

Can you help with moving our internet and phones?

Yes, and we have some tips and tricks that will make the whole process a lot easier for you!

  1. Ensure you can get suitable internet speed at the new premises before signing the contract because not all areas have equal internet connectivity options.
  2. Ensure the internet and phone lines are connected and tested prior to relocation day, as this will save you many headaches!
  3. Check out our office relocation series for resources including blog posts and videos
  4. You’ll need to contact us for more tips and tricks ..
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