Computers and Laptops

Is it time to buy a new computer, or upgrade an old one? Save yourself a lot of time and effort, and potentially a lot of money, by leveraging our vast experience to recommend the right solution for you.

The humble computer is the #1 work tool for most people, with many people spending the majority of their day working on one. By having your staff working on the proper computer system, your staff are more productive throughout the day, which quickly adds up to massive time and money savings for your business. Overall, your business becomes far more productive with the proper computer systems in place.

We'll help you get choose the right computer system, and install it for you
We provide the following services:

  • Analysis of your computing needs, and obligation free quotations
  • Supply and on site installation
  • Moving data from an old computer to your new one
  • Integrating your new computer in to your corporate network
  • Installation of software applications, printers, and other devices on to the new computer
  • Secure disposal and recycling of your old computer system

No matter what computer system you need, or even if you’re unsure what you need, please get in touch with our team. We’d love to help you!

What are the differences between a consumer-grade computer versus a business-grade computer?
This is a very important question. The primary difference is that systems designed for consumer/home use are not going to last as long as a system designed for business use.

Computer systems designed for consumers / home users represent a false economy for businesses. Whilst they are cheap to buy, they aren’t on par with their business-grade counterparts, and you need to pay for IT to integrate the new computer system into your corporate network each time. Over four years, you might need to repeat this process three or four times, interrupting your staff while it occurs. With a computer designed for business, you only do this once.

 Consumer computerBusiness computer
PurposeDesigned to be used at home, for media, internet, emails.Designed to be used at work for internet, emails, productivity applications, industry specific applications.
Initial costCheap, often with outdated components. Many retail stores sell consumer-grade computers at huge discounts, but they've already been on the shelf for months.Not as cheap, but very cost effective over three to four years of service.
Warranty typeTypically a 12 month return-to-base or mail-to-base warrantyMinimum of 3 years next business day on site warranty, which can be increased to same business day or 24x7 coverage.
Warranty repair timeA return to base warranty is typically returned to the client after one to two weeks.On site warranty is typically repaired for the client within a few hours of the service technician visiting the client.
Build qualityCheaper components and fast assembly processes make for a poor build quality.More costly components and rigid quality assurance at assembly time make for a build quality that is durable.
Average life expectancy12 to 18 months, after which repair is practically impossible as most components are obsolete.
Throw it away and get a new one (and deal with the hassle that goes along with it).
Three to four years, after which repair is generally possible as spare components are kept by manufacturers.


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