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Are you fed up with computers that don’t run properly, causing your business to lose time and money? What about those annoying requests for updates which are always interrupting your day?

computersOur computerCare solution is here to rescue you from these time consuming interruptions – and you don’t need to lift a finger! You and your team will benefit from better productivity with a properly maintained computer, and there is no interruption to your work day, because computerCare works behind the scenes.

Benefits to your business

  • Your business will save money because your staff will be more productive with their computer based tasks.
  • You will gain peace of mind knowing that your computers are up to date and secure against exploits and malicious software.
  • We take care of the preventative maintenance, so that you can focus on better things.
  • Your computers will perform better for longer, so you won’t need to replace them as frequently.
  • 24×7 remote monitoring on your systems enables us to identify small problems before they become large problems, saving you thousands on repair bills.

Saves you over $1000 each year per computer

Lost productivity from badly performing computers quickly adds up over the course of a year. computerCare reduces the time that a staff member would take to complete the maintenance from around an hour a week to zero, saving you a great deal of unproductive time and lost money.

How much time it would take for your own staff to update Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, Firefox, Google Chrome, Skype, and more, multiple times each week? What about Windows Updates as well as defragmentation, hard disk checks, temporary files clean up, and review system event logs for possible problems? Can your staff possibly keep up with all of the security patches released each week, AND get them installed on every computer?

Pays for itself within 7 days – without fail

computerCare costs less than a dollar a day (except for February) to keep your PC’s up to date, secure, and in excellent health. Take a look at our comparison table below and find out how much a staff member on a $25/hour wage would cost to do the same job!

Costs.. for ..Time that your staff spend maintaining their computer
$29.70 per monthfor computerCare, monthly, per computerNone!
$297.00 per annumfor computerCare, annually, per computerNone!
$1300+ per annumfor your staff to Do-It-Yourself, per computerAround 2 hours per week - THIRTEEN DAYS a year - wasted on computer maintenance when your staff could be doing more important things

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