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Phone Solutions

Reduce hefty phone bills with our phone solutions



Do you want to keep your business’ telecommunications costs down?

Telecommunication services are key to managing, establishing business relationships and achieving business goals. These telecommunication services can often be expensive especially when calling interstate or internationally.

We offer a premium VOIP service which lets you run your voice communications over your internet connection, with no more Telstra line rental fees. You can choose between a simple “Pay As You Go” plan, with a base cost of $9.95 per extension, or a bundle plan which includes different types of calls within the cost per month.

Flexible call plans for every business

All call rates and plans listed here are inclusive of GST and on a 24 month term.



Email Solutions

Never miss an email again with our email solutions

Do you want the peace of mind in knowing your business’ channels of communications are reliable and cost-effective? 

Email communications are integral to the success of any business. It is one of the most used communication channels internally and externally, helping connect you with your customers, clients, suppliers and team. At activIT systems, we provide reliable, cost effective email services to ensure your business can stay on top of all emails coming and going from your business.


Every business is different, so we recommend arranging a consultation with us to access your needs and to find the right solution.

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Key Benefits of VOIP:

  • Very cost effective compared to traditional phone systems
  • Fast setup and installation
  • Compatible with corded and cordless headsets
  • Completely scalable as your business grows – easily add extra handsets when necessary
  • Simple of complex call flows, auto attendants, and voice mail functions
  • Ability to take handsets home and answer calls out of the office 
  • Connect multiple offices to transfer calls between offices as an extension number 

Key Benefits of Email Solutions:

  • Reliable email support 
  • Antispam and antivirus protection
  • Complete access to your emails across multiple devices in or out of the office
  • Secure email services
  • Email backup and archiving options