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COVID-19 IT Support Essentials

Navigating your business through the COVID-19 pandemic is tough enough without having to worry about the IT – you can leave that to us; we’ve been doing it for 20 years.

We’re here to help you get through to the other side, to come out leaner, smarter, and more agile.

We can help with:

  • Secure work from home set ups for your team, and supporting them while there
  • Avoiding unexpected interruptions by keeping your IT environment in good health
  • Process and technology consulting and solutions so you can work-from-home better
  • Increasing cybersecurity protection and backup solutions
  • Free IT policies for work-from-home, BYOD, Shadow IT, data encryption, and more, ready to go and free for you.
  • plus day-to-day IT services and support!

And YES! We have capacity to help you NOW – we chat and consult with you over video conference, we don’t even need to visit for 99% of our work!

How can we help?

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the main IT priorities for a business are:

  • Accessibility – get your systems accessible to work from anywhere
  • Reliability – keep the systems working so your team can keep working
  • Security – improve cybersecurity to keep the hackers out
  • Usability & process – now you’re working from home, how do you handle simple things that you once did in person?

Engaging us to take care of these increases the viability of your business – as greater work flexibility means more productivity, keeping your team employed and your business ticking over, all while your competitor struggles with their broken IT and staff who can’t get things done.

Collaboration, process, and productivity

Video conferencing, instant messaging

Use Microsoft Teams for this, which Microsoft have a freebie version available IF you don’t already have an Office365 subscription.

Collab365 have great introduction / how-to videos available here so your team can quickly get up to speed on how to use it.

We can help with Teams set up, roll out, and configuring, so it is nice and secure.

Keep productive! Adjusting process to work from home

Many simple processes that you could do within an office environment, aren’t so simple when your team is scattered around and working odd hours.

We work with many clients and are exposed to many methods of completing common tasks, we can help you. Whether it is an invoice approvals process, adjusting to virtual meetings, setting up OneDrive for Business repositories, or simply to bounce an idea off us.

Get in touch with us if COVID19 has forced you to change the way your process works, and we’ll have some suggestions!

Zoom video conferencing security warning

With the explosion of work from home workforces, the uptake of video conferencing has gone through the roof. The Australian Cyber Security Centre has important information on this to help protect yourself.

Be wary of Zoom – there are a number of security concerns at the moment (3rd April 2020), see this article at Business Insider. Excerpt below:

  • In a 48-hour period, reports surfaced that Zoom didn’t use end-to-end encryption for its video meetings and had leaked thousands of email addresses to strangers.
  • Compounding its security woes, the Windows version of Zoom is reportedly vulnerable to attackers who could send malicious links to users’ chat interfaces and gain access to their email passwords.

PLEASE ensure that you only set up Zoom meetings with passwords to join, so you don’t get ZOOM BOMBED by strangers!

Cybersecurity & protecting your business

Cybersecurity is a HUGE issue right now

This should really be your BIGGEST concern right now, second to cashflow and productivity, as a cyber attack will likely cripple a business right now.

With a huge workforce working from home, on devices and connections not controlled by IT, the bad guys are taking advantage of this and want to use home computers as entry points into the corporate network.

The ACSC has a wonderful guide on what cybersecurity precautions SMB’s should be taking, and as always, it is something we can take care of for you.

  • Don’t connect to unsecured WiFi
  • Don’t use home computers for business tasks
  • Don’t use Windows 7!!!
  • DO call us for advice!

Don’t let SHADOW IT be your downfall!

Shadow IT is when your non-technical staff end up doing IT related things to circumvent the IT team, so that they can get on with work. This is particularly dangerous right now as with IT teams in high demand, your staff may take things into their own hands.

This will open up Pandora’s Box of security problems, with data distributed across different systems, and can throw your internal processes out of whack. Not to mention you can end up with mandatory data breach compliance issues or GDRP problems.

The best method to combat this is instruct your team NOT to implement anything IT related, get the IT team to do it.

We have a free Shadow IT Policy document available if you’d like to share it with your team.