This domain is parked with activIT systems

Domain-parkingHi there! The domain is parked with activIT systems. That means we’re hosting the registrants internet domain, but they have not yet set up a website, or may be in the process of doing so.

We’re providing the registrant somewhere for their new website to live, through one of our activCloud website hosting plans, and there’s every possibility that we’re the team that is actually building the website for them as well.

Are you the owner of the domain?

Contact us to remove this notice, and to get your website design and development underway.

Did you know we provide free domains if you host your website with us?

Do you need someone to host your website, or a team that can build your site, host it within Australia, AND take care of all your internet domain needs .. AND your business computing and IT requirements? Look no further – and contact us straight away!

Why host your website with us?

We’re hands-on hosters. Since we’re an IT services company, we’re also whizzes when it comes to websites, internet domains, internet security, emails, the Cloud, and everything in between. You can utilize as many or as few of our services as you need!

If you ever need any help with your website with moving it to our service, setting it up, changing content, or fixing an issue, we’re more than happy to assist.

If you choose us to host your website, we’ll also provide domain registration and renewal for your website domain at no additional cost, and we’ll take care of the technical back-end stuff like the domain and DNS at no extra cost.

We’ll also perform a free transfer of your domain to our service if you need, and can move your website from one host to another (this is a paid service) in a way that minimizes interruption to your visitors.

All of our support is provided from local support teams within Australia, and we love to help!

All website hosting plans include …

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All web hosting servers and backup servers are located in Australia
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Free domain registration and renewal as long as you host with us (one domain only)
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Nightly backup of the entire server platform
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Nightly backup of individual hosting accounts (this means we can restore individual hosting accounts up to 14 days in the past)
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Our geographically isolated DNS architecture, replicated in near real-time between Perth, Sydney, and USA
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We’ll perform DNS management and DNS changes on your hosting account for free
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We’ll perform name server changes for your domain that is hosted with us for free
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Run unlimited mySQL databases and FTP accounts
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Host unlimited domains, subdomains, domain aliases, and domain pointers within your storage quota
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SSH access available upon request!

My time with you has been very beneficial and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services.