Our activCloud platform provides businesses with nearly unlimited IT resources to utilize within your business, without the up front capital expense to get projects underway.

Instead of focusing solely on Cloud computing solutions, we blend traditional in-house IT solutions with the real power within the Cloud: its high speed, reliability, and scalability.

Cloud computing is great for some businesses, but a terrible idea for others. With the Cloud market evolving and reinventing itself at breakneck speed, it is a complex and confusing web of products and services.

activCloud file sync

Is your business looking for a Dropbox-style file sync solution that keeps your data within Australia? Fancy the ability to synchronize files and folders from your laptop or desktop computer, to your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet, or share them with others in your team effortlessly?

From 3 users to 1000, our 100% Australian based cloud file sync solution helps businesses manage their mobile workforce while keeping the files and folders they need access to, available all of the time.

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activCloud virtual servers and infrastructurecloud-server

Take advantage of nearly limitless resources in the Cloud for your servers, with a fully scalable platform designed to withstand failures. Pay for only what you need now, rather than having to pay more to accommodate future needs.

Network infrastructure in the Cloud brings tremendous benefits to a business, providing high level network functionality for a fraction of the cost of traditional hardware based network solutions.

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activCloud hosted exchange email platform

Are you sick of email outages, spam, and viruses coming in via email? Fancy the ability to synchronize your iPhone or iPad, Android phone or tablet, with emails, contacts, and calendars on your computer or laptop?

Get the benefits of Microsoft Exchange – used by large businesses worldwide – for a fraction of the cost. Move your company email services up to the big leagues, with activCloud Hosted Exchange, and say goodbye to complicated, unreliable email services!

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activCloud spambuster email protectionWe hate spam!

Get rid of your spam issues by having it filtered and blocked before it even gets to your server or mailbox, with our Spambuster email filtering solution. A spam free inbox means more productivity, less risk of viruses, and happiness for all!

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activCloud critical data backupbackup

Our activCloud critical data backup service is perfect to protect those important documents and files – the data that you really can’t do without, like contracts, payroll, HR, and sales or client data. It works on your servers, desktops, and laptops.

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Microsoft Office365 and Azure cloud computing platformazu

Put the Microsoft Office365 productivity and collaboration platform, and the Azure cloud platform to work within your business. From emails, Sharepoint, Yammer, through to complex services built on Azure, we can help!

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activCloud website hostingWebsite Hosting

We've been providing website hosting since our inception in 2004. From fully managed or self managed, or small sites to big sites, we have the local expertise and support you need.

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